Truth & Transparency Settles with Watch Tower

In late April 2020, Watch Tower filed a lawsuit against Truth & Transparency for copyright infringement. It is with great difficulty that we announce that our fundraising efforts have come up short and we were forced to settle the suit.

Help Truth & Transparency Defend Press Freedom from Religious Censorship

In May 2020, Watch Tower filed a lawsuit against Truth & Transparency. To ask the court to censor journalistic content in the name of copyright is a clear cut, abusive assault on the First Amendment.

The Truth & Transparency Foundation Announces Advisory Board and Intent to Focus Solely on Journalistic Efforts

The Truth & Transparency Foundation is excited to announce the addition of a new, seven-member volunteer advisory board of the following individuals: Kimberly Anderson, AMFT, a marriage and family therapist in California specializing in LGBTQ+ issuesTimmy Chou, an entrepreneur and founding partner of Spectra Consulting GroupTracie Harris, a project manager,

California State Senator Proposes to Remove State’s Clergy Exemption from Mandatory Reporting Laws

California State Senator, Jerry Hill has proposed California Senate Bill 360 removing a sweeping clergy exemption from the State’s mandatory reporting laws of child abuse and neglect. The proposal comes after discussions between the Senator’s staff and the Truth & Transparency Foundation (TTF) in November and December 2018.

Truth & Transparency Foundation Petitions Utah Legislature to Remove Clergy Exemption from Mandatory Reporting Laws

On the morning of November 7, 2018, the Truth and Transparency  Foundation sent the following email to every state-level lawmaker in the  state of Utah: According to Utah Code 62A chapter 4a section 403, “members of the  clergy” are not required to report child abuse if it is confessed by
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