You are viewing a press release published under the name MormonLeaks before we began publishing investigative pieces under the name Truth & Transparency.

Today MormonLeaks releases 8 different documents that fall under three categories: Apologetics, Church PR and Statistics


Leak #1a. In responding to the inquiry of a private citizen, The First Presidency disavows Hugh Nibley’s work on the Papyri (Book of Abraham)

Document 1a here

Leak #1b. Dee Jay Nelson was a fraud who had a fake PhD. However, the conclusions he came to regarding the translation of the papyri match those of other Egyptologists. Here is his resignation letter along with some other church correspondence.

Document 1b here

Church PR

Leaks #2a & 2b. Two internal documents regarding how the Church PR people should deal with various factors during the 2002 Olympics.

Document 2a here

Document 2b here

Leak #2c. Internal memo discussing how to handle and upcoming report on the Mountain Meadows Massacre

Document 2c here


Leaks #3a and #3b. Various stats for the Manila, Philippines temple.

Document 3a here

Document 3b here

Leak #3c. Various Stats for a Stake in Utah.

Document 3c here